The Cake is a lie- Portal coming to C64!?!?!


After a long week’s holiday courtesy of the mouse I’m back at the helm of TRVG checking slowly through my inbox to catch up on last weeks news, and while at the moment it looks like a quiet news week (outside of a little drop of SOR4) This little beauty dropped through my twitter feed on Sunday night:


And just like that, my keen eyes started doing some digging… and yes! Jamie Fuller and Del Seymour have done what I thought no-one would ever do since the halcyon days of the 90s by trying to force feed the recent gen classic that is Portal and retro fit it to work on the C64!

Right now, this just appears to be fan service rather than an approved venture, but all the same seeing it in motion is a joy to behold!

Check out Jamie’s progress on twitter here, or just search up @Jamie30dbs.

As soon as a copy is released public, I’ll be booting up on the C64 Mini for review!