Streets of Rage 4 announced

Well this is a surprising post to recieve today’ right in the middle of my summer holiday (and here i am still posting news!)’ as it appears Sega habe finally come around to making that 4th game in a legendary series thay everyone wanted.

The official blurb advises “Featuring hand-drawn visuals from the team behind 2017’s gorgeous Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap remake, Streets of Rage 4 builds upon the classic trilogy’s gameplay with new mechanics, a fresh story and a gauntlet of dangerous stages with a serious crime problem. Streets of Rage 4 recalls classic gameplay but it stands as an entirely original arcade-style romp thanks to the expertise of Guard Crush Games. Whether players gang up with a friend or clean up the city solo, Streets of Rage 4 is a skull-bashing, chicken-chomping delight all set to a thumping soundtrack sure to get your blood pumping!”

Sounds epic to me’ and hoping they’ll provide a Streets of Rage 4 fantasy cart in a limited edition pack for people like me who still own the original games (and who’ve played them to death so much!)

2 thoughts on “Streets of Rage 4 announced

  1. This is pretty awesome and something I am very interested in, even if SoR has never been a favorite of mine.

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