Is that a fishing rod in your pocket, or are you just please to see me?

God I miss Sega Bass fishing. It was part of that crazy era where each company was experimenting with controls trying to find other experiences outside of racing wheels and controllers., only ruined by the eventual Wii onslaught of cheapo peripherals eventually found in every bargain shop still to this day.

The original, and still the best

So this came as a surprise when seeing this flag up on Amazon today, with credit to Nintendo Life for also digging out further info on the title advising it as “the newest edition of Bass Pro Shops’ fishing games” which from checking back into it’s history shows the last edition was released way back in 2009 for the Wii, although looking at the current pics on Amazon, it’s unclear what has been added to the package outside of the accessory.

While not a separate controller, the attachment takes the left Joy-Con and incorporates it into the ‘Rod’ while the right Joy-Con forms part of the spool handle. Oddly enough, this still reminds me of the recent Labo efforts but I’m not complaining.

While I’m hoping Sega make use of this and bring back ‘Bass fishing’, there’s an annoying feeling that Nintendo haven’t learnt from past lessons with the Wii and are letting the shovelware enter their systems again purely since the machines reached a level of desirability, thanks to some fantastic ports and efforts from some of the worlds best software houses.