Even Mark couldn’t fix this! – The Sinclair Vega+ Review

Join Mark in this review of the Sinclair ZX Vega Plus as I share my thoughts and experiences after spending one week with the troubled Indiegogo funded device from Retro Computers Limited.


Personally I think Retro Computers Ltd, cut corners (and fingers) by using cheaper plastics and avoiding using clickable buttons, which would have been more beneficial to the device and it’s software library. Yet it’s the OS that lets its down, not the customised FUSE emulator included, since it’s clear this was meant to be a unit of low processing power and thus needed a emulator that went direct to the ‘bare metal’.

I could go on into the details on why that happened, but zxvega.co.uk does a far better job of documenting the timeline of the issues and the farcical actions of it’s management. One thing is certain though, if the product was QA tested before launch, then I would be questioning why the testers let so many basic design faults through, before even touching the software. Perhaps the testers and management may have been more at home with something more to their skill level..