ZX Spectrum Next — Kickstarter update

It’s been a while since I covered the ongoing progress of the Spectrum next, and Update 34 was released a few days ago which shows how far they’ve come, right down to the final case and keyboard membrane construction.

As you can image it’s quiet an eye opener how well these guys have made this kickstarter for a new computer into a reality and almost runs as a complete opposite to the fumbling over at their distant twice removed handheld cousin.

If you have any interest in Sinclair, Spectrum and the future of the brand in computing I sincerely recommend you check out the latest update at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1835143999/zx-spectrum-next/posts/2250194

But will any more be created? Well while the team haven’t confirmed and will not until the backers machines have departed, they have suggested wheel are in motion and this will not be the end.

As always, any updates to this will be reported when confirmed.