Nintendo files GameCube trademarks, could there be a GameCube mini console in 2019?

After the release of the NES Classic Mini and SNES Classic Mini, and anticipation heating up for an announcement around the N64 Classic Mini later this year, news has slipped out for a GameCube Classic Mini overnight and I couldn’t be more excited!!

And that’s coming from a guy who’s nearly got every game made for the system!

From what it appears, the console is clearly in the early stages of development. In fact, rumours have been sparked due to Nintendo simply applying for three GameCube trademarks in Japan.

The trademarks are meaty though, focusing on video game programs and video game hardware – rather than general merchandising or licence terms. This is clearly a patent intended for a new machine.

So if the Big N are bumping up the power of their mini platform to run Gamecube, expect an announcement for an N64 mini to hit just as fast! Which hopefully this time, should put a dent in those crazy prices recently running through the retro market (thanks CEX!)

Link to the trademarks: Here