Overlord and Overlord 2 now backwards compatible on Xbox one

Codemasters’ comedic minion-em-up RTS Overlord and Overload 2 are the latest titles to receive backward-compatibility support on Xbox One and about bloody time too!

The original Overlord was developed by Triumph Studios and released by Codemasters back in 2007, before continuing the saga with the ‘Raising Hell’ expansion (unless you played on PS3 a year later, in which you lucky lot got it in the combined package).

Words cannot describe this anti-Fable story, in which the objective is just to play as evilly as possible. As the game is less horror, and more how a demonic regime would be like if it was orchestrated by the ‘Goodies’.

Initially a quiet hit, gradually building traction through word of mouth. Overlord was a breath of fresh air back in 2007 against the constant shooters and racing games, giving the console market a much needed kick up the arse.

If you’ve an original Xbox 360 disc copy of Overlord or Overlord 2, you just need to pop it in your Xbox One’s drive for the console’s backward-compatibility magic to happen.

And if you haven’t.. well both games are also available to download digitally on the Microsoft Store, each priced at £8.99 or you can always head to CEX where the prices will no doubt be doubling based on today’s news.