ZX Spectrum Next – progress update

Victor Trucco posted an update on the Facebook Spectrum Next Group providing details on the upcoming boxed version of the highly anticipated system, and boy does it look better than the original designs.

next2-800x600As they advise in this brief update, the plastic samples have been received, which are being tested and adjusted to resolve any remaining issues before the full run takes it’s course. As one user asked the question if it would still be possible to remove the coloured strips from the next after production and customise to an LED version, Victor responded this was the intention, to ensure modders has the option.

next4-800x600Also presenting itself was the box, looking very nice and desirable as always, which right now is 100% complete and still holds on to the 80’s design while giving it a more up to date feel.

The next Kickstarter update will be coming once Henrique comes back from holiday, but we have been teased new features are on the way.

So for now, i’m going to continue tinkering with me fully kitted out dev kit some more in the hopes this time i’ll master assembly.. and wish I’d backed this model instead *sobs* until I find one on ebay..