Vegawatch 1st June – You, Me and the BBC

Well the 1st June is upon us, and as predicted the standard ‘estimation’ update from Retro Computers surfaces at 08:00am this morning, Ironically this is 24hrs after one journalist from the BBC made the following statement:


This no doubt shook Retro Computers Ltd MD, Suzanne Martin and Director Dr. David Levy into action, as previously when the BBC attempted to cover this article last year, RCL threatened to take them to court over the article raised. This time however no such action appears to be on the horizon, especially given Indiegogo’s deadline breach that RCL assured every console would be in backers hands by the end of May.

Updated: RCL as of 10:00am this morning have responded back:34035702_10155606183052219_7770502475995414528_n.jpg

In addition, word also seems to be travelling fast of Retro Computers Ltd, lack of competence for producing retro hardware (especially given the successful campaign by Atari so far) as Ethical Marketing News also followed up the story for more information:


While no response has been made to the individual above directly RCL’s comment this morning went as follows:


Just so everyone’s clear, they originally stated the batch would be released between 8-12th last month, then slipped up during social media rant’s to upset backers that they hadn’t sent out any hardware due to licencing issues (which they’d not sorted out within the last 2 years),  then setup a poll asking anyone (who wasn’t blocked from their facebook page, in this case backers who hadn’t complained for refunds) if they would like games/no games on the system, therefore breaching Indiegogo’s policy on changing the terms of the pledge, while also highlighting that if they were still able to flash the units accordingly then the devices still remained incomplete.

The only reason RCL have presently extended the deadline is to show Indiegogo and the BBC that they are still looking to release the machine, no more, no less, in the hopes of the story being buried under other news.

Suffice to say from reading the social media outlets, there are a lot of unhappy backers crying out for Indiegogo to take charge of the situation and return the money from the toxic brand.

Whether this white lie is accepted by the news outlet and the Indie platform is another matter as RCL have so far manage to break multiple deadlines over the last 2 years. Which given the complete lack of images of the version 2 device, straying away from the Rick Dickinson design, to which most backers paid money for, and the promise of 1000 licence pre-installed games, it’s starting to look bleak for the company.


On co-incidental news, Suzanne Martin has recently registered in April a new limited company ‘Primate Limited’, a media production company to which she is currently the only shareholder. Whether this is related to Retro Computers Ltd for production of footage, or has had assets transferred to it remains to be seen. But it does raise questions how a person can have time to run a 2nd limited company, but cannot resolve a manufacturing issue at their primary place of work.

Meanwhile, backers have been contacting, Watchdog, IGN, Eurogamer, Kotaku, Which and many, many more to raise aware to the situation to bring this situation to a wider public arena to gain traction and resolve this nightmare situation.

4 thoughts on “Vegawatch 1st June – You, Me and the BBC

  1. Media production company? Perhaps that’s to handle all the photos of Vega+ units; boxed up and ready to be sent to backers?
    Quite why they dont just file for bankruptcy and get it over with is beyond me.

  2. This is pathetic. Suzanne Martin is a joke of a woman, an asbolutely miserable excuse for a human being. It’s true that everyone who is a scammer or a cheat always blames others for their failings and she’s been at this since day one, the repugnant pig that she is. Levy is a creepy old freak who knows about as much about technology as my hamster knows about genocide. Bunch of disgusting scumbags who need the jail, much like that guy in India who Suzanne falsely accused of buggery (who’d want to do anything like that with her?). Breaking rocks in the hot sun for the rest of their (hopefully short) days.

  3. It’s amazing that RCL can still offer the device for sale on their own website – now, there are probably some people out there who may think they have blown the original £1/2M and so this is an attempt to raise funds so that they can then produce a very limited run on the original device, send it to backers and state that they have fulfilled their promise of delivering their ‘first batch’ – some would even go so far as to suggest this has all the hallmarks of a Ponzi scheme – of course, I couldn’t possibly say that myself, but hey, you know, people talk.

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