Tänzer: A new SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis Exclusive game

Here’s something that came flying into the TRVG inbox earlier this weekend.  A new hack n’ slash platform game taking me back to those long seaside holidays heading into arcades just to find classics like Capcom’s Strider, and at the time of writing this has already beaten it’s modest goal (of £1,713) with 29 days to go!

tanz1So what are we getting if we back? well the developer’s have advised the following:

The intent is to release the game as a physical release with Box, multi region Cartridge and Manual., and the final version of the game will contain the following:

  • 8 Levels (5 sub stages per level) with its own environments like Old West, Ancient Rome and Flying Pirate Ships to name a few
  • Sub Bosses for all of the sub stages
  • End of Level Bosses
  • In-Between Stages Shop where you gain your Transmutational Power and replenishes health and more
  • Secrets (like stages and hidden treasures)


Obviously with ever kickstarter there is always a chance something could go wrong, and given the low goal even i’m cautiously concerned how this will be possible to complete with a few staff working on it..

But so far the work is shaping up to be quiet something, so if you fancy a punt on what could be one of this year’s better indie releases then the links below!

Kickstarter link: Here