Rubicon, Run the Maze – ZX Spectrum

If you’re still a ZX Spectrum gamer (or Next gamer!) you may want to look this game up, as John Blythe of Rucksack Games has announced the release of his latest ZX Spectrum title ‘ Rubicon – Run the Maze ‘. Created with the Arcade Game Designer, you play as NYM undertaking the trial that is to cross the Rubicon Maze.

Simple..? No, not that simple.. as you’ll be searching for five scrolls of knowledge, three crowns of light, the amulet of light, and the ring of argus, just so you can get past the gatekeeper..

Reminds me of a weekend in my youth, where I took on the pub challenge at the Three Crowns, armed with nothing but 5x notes, but never did I once travel to Argos for a ring.. though I do remember cuddling the toilet of despair…

Link to site incoming!