Vegawatch 14th May – More questions within questions..

Retro Computets Ltd. Have cascaded an updated regarding the missed delivery window scheduled gem of 8 – 12th May

So in summary, they have ignored their missed deadline, and are working towards a direct communication to all backers regarding delivery..

A few pieces of concern have arisn from this polished state as eagles eyed backers of the public forum spotted:

  1. Why are the backers being told they have to do something to receive the product?
  2. Why are RCL not using indiegogo to run their delivery aspect. By circumventing this process you could be seen as hiding the amounts of volume you are actually dispatching or removing the ability for indiegogo to track quantities..
  3. Why is no box art being shown?
  4. Why is no completed console being shown?
  5. What happened to a licenced games list?

We await the indiegogo update….