Xbox Backwards compatibility update

More good news to those of us with an Xbox and love to keep our retro discs close to hand as Microsoft have announced an update to their backwards compatibility list adding a further 3 titles: Saints Row Saints Row – Gat out of Hell Toybox Turbos At this point I think I’ve lost count… Read More Xbox Backwards compatibility update


Spectrum Next OS update – plus additional surprises

The Spectrum Next guys have put through another system update for you guys (okay the few hundred of us that managed to nab one of the development boards). Alongside the usual technical updates, we also get 1x Full game and 2x new demos to push the system, and one of those is last years Kickstarter… Read More Spectrum Next OS update – plus additional surprises

Intellivision steps up for revival.

Hot off the Heals of the Indiegogo campaign for the Atari VCS Intellivision has put their hand into the ring and attempting to produce something “simple, affordable, family and fun” (their words not mine.). As the promotion details state “The original Intellivision system generated many ‘firsts’ in the video game industry, including the first 16-bit… Read More Intellivision steps up for revival.