Retro computers Ltd plagiarise bittech obituary for Rick Dickinson

Seems so be a rough Friday for the team at RCL, having received a shareholder request for an urgent meeting and hitting the deadline for indiegogos request to release details on the delivery of the vega plus console. The team appear to have hastily registered a new website address on the 26th April and updated on status as reported previously.

However true to form, it even appears their previous Thursday update to send condolences for Rick Dickinson were plagurised from bittech if an effort to show activity.

Evidence shown below from the original author:


Personally it’s bad enough to attempt to link a connection between the company and the legendary designer Rick when their wasn’t one (Rick had only previously had meetings with Paul Andrews during the time he worked with RCL) in order to drum up ties to the newly created version 2 model. However to copy someone else word for word and send this out as the official company statement….

Hopefully RCL will see a little light and make a generous charitable donation to one of the causes Rick and his family held dear in light of actions…..