Could Sega be thinking of returning to the console market…


n article recently published by Yahoo!Japan, has noted SEGA president COO Kenji Matsubara saying that SEGA of Japan is rethinking about re-entering the hardware industry by re-releasing its line of retro consoles, much in the same way that Nintendo did with the NES and SNES Classics. The overwhelming success of those releases have led SEGA to consider the return to the hardware market.

SEGA has been out of console manufacturing since 2001, and have solely been a third-party publisher since then. One way that they would bring back old consoles is by importing the AtGames SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive Flashback, which were only released in North America and Europe.

Here is what President Matsubara had to say:

As yet nothing has been confirmed at this point, but the thought of SEGA returning to the hardware industry would really push demands for older generation consoles to be resurrected.