8BitDo DIY controller kits – for NES, SNES, Megadrive available to buy

You’ve gotta love 8BitDo and their controllers. Outshining the rest of the market by producing a product that is as good as the original yet has the convenience of modern day controllers.
And now, they’re producing kits to let you upgrade your original peripherals. See someone does listen to their client base!
Of course you can still purchase the 8bitdo controllers and adapters from the company, but if you’re like me, your controllers been through every game with you, you know it’s dents and bumps so well that it just feels like a personalised product, which no other could replace. It’s good a company understands this, and wants to keep me with my favourite controller for a few more years yet.
And so they’re spent a bit of time in development to give us the option to replace the aging fluff ridden innards with that 00’s gift of wireless technology, making something new again out of something old, cracked and ruined over the years with a fresh spec, making it a hybrid of the past and present.
Kind of like what the media does with Katie Price every few years…
So even if your a novice that worries this will be a technical challenge to put in, you don’t have to worry. All you do is take apart your chosen gamepad, pull out the original PCB (don’t throw it away, just keep it safe!), and pop in the new one. they even produced a video to show how simple even this is.

You will, however, need to pick up a Bluetooth adapter (also available) if you want to use this on your original console, but if you want to use the controller with a wireless-equipped machine, it should perfectly once linked.
So far the website lists conversion kits for the Mini Classic NES and SNES, the original NES and SNES and the 6 button pad for the Sega Mega Drive (no 3 button version as yet). And you know what, at $20 each it’s hardly breaking the bank, and given all your doing is changing the board, gives me confidence that if ever I want to revert the controller I can without issue.

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