22nd September 2018 Off

Telltale has told it’s last tale…

By thatretrovideogamer

You know.. I never thought I would have to write this. I felt the same will Bullfrog, The same with Lionhead, but from it's early years I've been very close to Telltale, mainly due to their close ties to Steve...

31st July 2018 Off

Vegawatch – My God, did RCL ACTUALLY release a couple of Vega Plus’s..

By thatretrovideogamer

UPDATED 22:00 31/07/18. Overnight an Instagram post was made by...

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Cannon Fodder Music Video

By thatretrovideogamer

Cannon Fodder was a brilliant and bloody-hard top-down squad-based tactical...


14th October 2018 1

[REVIEW] Zombies – Super Nintendo

By thatretrovideogamer

Today is the day I've been able to play a game I've lusted for since it's release back in 1993. Zombies ('Zombies ate my neighbors' in the US) may just be a 2d top down run 'n' gun game at...

7th October 2018 0

[REVIEW] Mega Man 11

By thatretrovideogamer

This feels like a long time coming. The last 8 or so years have seen re-releases of Mega Man's previous...

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Find the light switch… Jon Robertson’s live show get’s its game on!

By thatretrovideogamer

Right now as I write this oddly enough, I'm in a dark room. The light switch is just feet away...


22nd September 2018 Off

[PREVIEW] The Bradwell Conspiracy

By thatretrovideogamer Okay, my two day stint for EGX2018 is officially done (although you lucky people still have Saturday and Sunday to check out the awesome things going on around...


15th October 2018 0

Tiger Afterbuner LCD review

By thatretrovideogamer

Highly recommend checking out The Gaming Muso's review of the Tiger Afterburner LCD table top game, which was marketed over in the UK under Granstand (Because changing the company name...