2nd January 2019 Off

Bandersnatch – is there a hidden game within a game?

By thatretrovideogamer

Black Mirror Bandersnatch has been out now for a while, and yet while the main endings have been found, many easter eggs and alternate paths to tiny additional clips are slowly being found bringing it to the approx. 5+hours Netflix...

22nd September 2018 Off

Telltale has told it’s last tale…

By thatretrovideogamer

You know.. I never thought I would have to write...

31st July 2018 Off

Vegawatch – My God, did RCL ACTUALLY release a couple of Vega Plus’s..

By thatretrovideogamer

UPDATED 22:00 31/07/18. Overnight an Instagram post was made by...


14th February 2019 Off

[REVIEW] The Incredible Shrinking Professor – ZX Spectrum

By thatretrovideogamer

During the 80's and 90's if movies and TV shows taught me anything, it was that science was a fantastical beast allowing in the right hands to enable time travel, creating super powers and even in some cases with the...

16th November 2018 Off

[REVIEW] Montana Mike – Spectrum Next

By thatretrovideogamer Launch day 9th November saw many eager Spectrum Next owners (well dev kit owners, and those using emulation!) hammering...

14th October 2018 Off

[REVIEW] Zombies – Super Nintendo

By thatretrovideogamer

Today is the day I've been able to play a game I've lusted for since it's release back in 1993....


22nd September 2018 Off

[PREVIEW] The Bradwell Conspiracy

By thatretrovideogamer Okay, my two day stint for EGX2018 is officially done (although you lucky people still have Saturday and Sunday to check out the awesome things going on around...


22nd December 2018 Off

Nintendo, Rik Mayall, must be a nostalgia moment!

By thatretrovideogamer

Something for Nostalgia's sake? ah go on.. it's nearly Christmas!! I've even made our channel link easier to remember it's (don't forget to sub!)